What Does a Gas Engineer Do?

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Gas Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Carry out plumbing/heating repairs in response to reported faults, diagnosing faults and replacing defective parts as necessary. Re-instate systems that have been disconnected
  • Assist in the annual maintenance program as required including heating, servicing, searching, cleaning and replacing parts as necessary.
  • Provide technical and general reports both written and oral including customer feedback on maintenance issues for both current and future developments. Where necessary identify areas of concern such as defects repair trends etc.
  • Keep appropriate records such as repair works undertaken, contact with residents, orders etc.
  • Undertake other minor maintenance works as necessary.
  • Accurate completion of all paperwork in connection with the post plumbing/heating engineer


Job description

The role of a Gas engineer and installer is fitting, testing and repairing gas appliances and piping in homes and businesses. As a gas engineer and installer you are likely to be involved with appliances such as cookers, central heating boilers, gas heaters etc. You are likely to visit customer premises, both domestic and commercial, to fit, service and repair boilers and heating systems that have broken down.



  • To provide excellent customer service to internal and external customers
  • Ensure that all work is undertaken in accordance with the current health and safety legislation and undertaken in a diligent manner, considering tenant’s cultural and diversity needs are managed and identify and implement opportunities for making best use of all resources
  • Ensure that all work complies with all legal and statutory regulations along with best practice
  • Ensure that you implement the association’s equality, diversity and inclusion policies at all times and in all aspects of service delivery and employment



  • Working as part of a team undertaking cyclical and servicing contracts
  • Providing a customer focused service
  • Partake in the delivery a range of projects on time and within budget
  • Achieving challenging targets and objectives
  • Evidence of achieving excellence in review and delivery of services and commitment to continuous improvement
  • Budgeting and financial skills

Salary: the average salary of a gas engineer in the UK is £32,500/year

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