What Does a Non-Executive Director Do?

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Non-executive director responsibilities include;

  • Carry out a specialist role on a part-time basis or their expertise in specific activities, such as strategy and contract negotiation
  • Use their experience and expertise in order to give an independent advice and objectivity. Also, one of their tasks is to monitor the executive management of the company
  • Must conduce to the development of a company’s strategy
  • Examine and scrutinize the management’s performance, making sure that they have met the agreed goals and objectives of the company
  • Monitor the management’s reporting of performance
  • Ensure that accurate financial information is on hand and that financial controls and systems of risk management are strong and justifiable
  • In charge of analyzing the right levels of an executive director’s salary

Job description

non-executive directors can be called upon to represent the company to other organizations. You may also be responsible for determining remuneration levels by executive directors. Appointing or removing executive directors and to help in succession planning are also some duties.


  • Leadership experience
  • An enquiring mind with the confidence to challenge constructively
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills; calm under pressure able to challenge in a constructive manner, develop creative solutions, manage a wide variety of situations in a meeting and ensure the outcomes are the best for the organization
  • Fully supportive of equal opportunities and minority interests
  • The ability to work with a wide range of individuals and organizations and build productive relationships
  • Strong commitment to public service values of accountability, openness, probity, and equality of opportunity.
  • Experience of achieving change management and transformation in a complex organization.

Salary: the average salary of a non-executive director in the UK is £15,000/year.

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