Quick Tips for Writing a Great CV

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The job market today is highly competitive and our economy isn’t too great. Because of this, hiring managers are swamped with hundreds of CV’s and resumes for each position. They will spend about 30 seconds reviewing each one, on average. Your CV needs to be clear, concise, and easy to read. You need to consider this as if you are pitching yourself. Sell yourself! Here at Joblang.com, we have put together a few quick and easy tips for writing a great CV.

Your CV isn’t meant to be an outline of your past, but rather an advertisement of all of your accomplishments. Your CV is your one shot to land the interview. Don’t be afraid to point out why you are the best candidate for the job. Be resilient and convincing.To prove to the hiring managers that you are the perfect candidate for the job, you must tailor your CV specifically to each job advertisement or description that you find for that job opening that you are applying for.

First, you want to start off your CV by determining your objective. What do you want? Create a small section that includes a summary of your objective and what you want to achieve, as well as a section that highlights your most important qualities, achievements, and abilities that you have to offer for the position that you are applying for. Keep in mind that you must make sure that your work history and the corresponding skills and achievements/accomplishments are outlined in an organized and easy to read manner. This will ensure that the reader will be focused on your skills and not on why your CV is so unorganized. When you are outlining your job history on your CV, use some keywords from the job description that you’re interested in, but don’t over-do it with too many keywords. This will show the reader that you meet the requirements for the job, but aren’t exaggerating with your achievements. If you have any previous job duties that you feel are irrelevant to the specific job that you are now applying for, remove them. These are unnecessary for your potential job title, and a waste of space on your CV. Make sure you include action words. This will show your potential employer that you didn’t just “do” these things, you “challenged, integrated, developed, executed,” etc. Use symbols on your CV whenever you get the chance. The percentage symbol, the dollar sign, and other like symbols are a good and concrete way for you to outline your accomplishments with numbers. These symbols will stand out to the reader. If you feel like you can’t fill the page in all the way through, that’s okay! White space is important; this white space will draw the reader’s attention to the important parts of your resume.

Finally, this last part is very crucial to perfecting your CV; proofread! Make sure not once but twice, that you proofread your CV. If you can, get at least one other person proofread it for you as well. Bad grammar, misspelled words, and typos will only show your potential employer that you do not care enough to pay attention to detail.

Follow these steps when writing your CV and we ensure that you will get the job of your dreams. Also, visit Joblang.com for more tips and advice posts to land the perfect job for you.

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