Tips to Excel In Your Job In The UK

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Regardless of whether you’re looking for new encounters and cultures, want to add some exceptional skills to your portfolio or are searching for work in a fun, new environment, working abroad can be a profitable affair.

A good decision for people who want to work abroad in a professional limit is to pick an English-speaking country. Be that as it may, even when a nation’s local dialect is English there are as yet social contrasts to explore. Joblang has brought together some tips to help you make the most out of your life in the UK.


Learn the Culture

Many people who have moved from the US to the UK have suggested that people from outside of England who are seeking jobs in the UK need to learn how to be extremely humble and self-aware. Instead of trying to make a name for yourself right away, begin by observing British culture first.

It’s well known that in the UK, the British accent changes between city to city. The most ignorant thing one could do is assume that, since they speak English, that getting along with locals there will be easy. This is wrong because you will end up needing to ask the person speaking to you to repeat themselves.


Socialize appropriately

Understand the British sense of humor. British people love friendly banter, so try not to take it personally if people make fun of where you come from for example. Take it as a form of friendliness and them trying to be closer to you and build more of a relationship with you.

Saying “please” and “thank you” is very common among the Brits. Keep this in mind if you are coming from a new country because they take politeness very seriously.


Learn to relax

Socializing plays a bigger role in British work environments than in many other workplaces. A common mistake that you can make in the workplace is refusing to go out with your colleagues after work. A lot of Brits get offended by this and assume your refusing their offers of friendship. Don’t skip breaks or stay longer than you need to in the office, because you’ll just be perceived as a “grabber” No one likes a grabber.


Watch your volume

Oftentimes, Brits are perceived as very loud, although this is a common misconception whereas Brits are actually reserved and polite. A lot of the time they do not speak unless they are spoken to. A loud and bold foreign presence may be valued outside but generally doesn’t go well in the UK.

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