5 Reasons to Consider Working Abroad

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In today’s tough economic system, now would be a completely appropriate period to look into a brand new opportunity abroad. Working foreign places can not only enhance your line of business, but in lots of instances it is necessary in case you want to attain a senior level within the future. Companies everywhere are seeking out experts who not only have superb skills, but also have a global perspective.

So what are a few top reasons for working abroad?


Expanding your skill set

Surely, time spent abroad is a massive benefit for recruiters and employers viewing your CV. Instead of it slipping to the bottom of a shortlist pile, it allows you to stand out from the crowd instantly onto the interview list. Another simple way to get your CV to the top of the pile is through the use of important key phrases that your potential employer may be attempting to find. That’s what we’re here for. The use of our website, www.joblang.com/ will help get your CV out there. Additionally, having a global angle not only broadens your horizons, but correspondingly offers you a completely unique knowledge of the skill sets required in a worldwide economy. Moreover, it is able to show to future employers that you have the potential to evolve to various workplaces.


Financial Implications

Many people who choose to work overseas do so due to the fact the pay can appear to be very profitable. Mainly if the cost of living in the country you’re moving to is lower than where you are living now. However, before making any decisions, ensure you recognize exactly how your salary will be calculated. It is all too easy to assume that you will automatically be paid and taxed to the local rate so it is well worth gaining knowledge of this in detail. For instance, if you are seeking to apply for sports jobs in the UK, make certain you research your precise income and what benefits you will be getting from becoming a sports writer or sports journalist in the UK.

Another thing really worth considering is the cost of moving and the economic implications you will face living in a new country. While there are businesses which will bear the price of shipping your belongings, for example, this is not usually the case. So double check these details before you sign on the dotted line. Many expats who move their families to a brand new location not only have to content to a new schooling system, but also the price of schooling abroad. This is essentially because many international schools are private. Double check that your new package consists of tuition allowances, and if it doesn’t, then make sure you factor this into the overall cost of relocating.



Spending time abroad can highly increase your cultural consciousness, but it is equally as important that you immerse yourself into the local way of life. Understanding the local customs and traditions will not only make your life less difficult, but may even equip you with broader knowledge of how culture influences businesses throughout the globe. For example, if you are seeking out jobs in the UK, it’d be appropriate for you to read up a bit on their culture and understand more about the monarchy that they have which many other countries do not.


Fast track career move

We often see applicants who have used their time abroad as a way to fast track their career and take the next step up. Worldwide exposure can without a doubt speed up your promotion prospects, and result in enhanced reward programs. This is because you tend to be faced with a whole host of challenges and opportunities in a shorter space of time than you might with no global exposure under your belt. if you are working abroad and ultimately intend on returning to your home country, it is wise to be cautious of the amount of time you leave before coming back. If your exposure is too lengthy or targeted on one country, you could run the risk of being labeled as a “country expert” which could count against you in the long run.


Changing your mind

The first few months may be a little daunting as you get to know your new home and the different way of life. However, after making such a huge move it’s perhaps smart to stick it out for 6 months to a year before you’re making the choice to change your mind. If it definitely isn’t right for you, all is not lost. The abilities and experiences you gained will put you in a great position to find a position on your return. However, it is a good idea to begin engaging with employers and recruiters in your final months so you stay in the loop on the job market. if you really are just looking for a temporary job overseas to see how things are, looking for temporary positions is key. Job searches like Christmas temp jobs in the UK or other temporary positions will get you a short-term position while you test the waters of the new country that you are in.

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