How to write Your CV- Get your CV to the top of search results in Google and Job boards

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How to Write Your CV and Get it at the Top of Search Boards


The first thing any employer or HR department looks at when you are trying to find a job is your CV. Depending on whether or not your CV meets their standards, they will then schedule an interview. There are many important sections to having the perfect CV, but a minimum of four that are the most important:


  1. Your contact information. This means your full name, email address, phone number, and your date of birth. It is also important to add your city and country in order for you to optimize your job search for the area that you are located in.
  2. Your education and qualifications are the next section. If there are other key words or terms that you can use to describe your major or qualifications, mention them in order to make your CV easily searchable in order for you to find jobs easily. Here you may mention training courses or other certificates you may hold.
  3. Here you will mention your work experience. You are expected to mention your main duties and your skills that you are required to have in order to complete these duties. Adding a lot of key words that are related to your job search and details to your CV will make it more valuable and make it easier to be found online by recruiters.
  4. It is vital for you to add your references to your CV in order to gain trust between you and the employer.




Some other important points to help expand your CV:

  • Adding your skills. Things like being able to speak more than one language or being able to use a certain software are important to mention in your CV for job recruiters looking for people with specific skill sets.
  • Your interests and achievements. Here you can write about yourself and put very specific key words and details. This way, any employers looking for candidates with specific achievements can find your CV through searching for those keywords.


In conclusion, it is important to research what some keywords you can use for your specific job search. This will optimize your CV and make it easily accessible for employers and recruiters. Make your CV stand out by doing the research, in order to gain that advantage over other candidates that you may be up against in your search for a job. Make sure to add all your skills and achievements in your CV to broaden your chances of being found online. Any software’s or languages that you feel you are professional at, those are important to mention. Some useful tools to use in order to find statistics on what people are looking for in candidates are Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. Or you can manually search for some tools yourself. These tools are called: keyword research tools.

How do job boards work?

Not all employers post jobs on job boards. In some cases, the employer may use websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and others in order to look for personal profiles and CV’s. They may also perform a general Google search so that your profile can appear on different websites and job boards.


First, how does Google work?

Google is crawling with plenty of websites. It categorizes and ranks these websites based on keywords. Some websites may appear higher up on the list than others because of this categorization of keywords. That’s why it is important to not only create personal profiles on big websites, but smaller specialized domains as well.
Google shows search results based on the relevancy of your job search. So, google will find exact keyword matches to the words you used in your profile. In order to determine what key words employers are looking for, there are different free tools for you to use, such as:


Keep in mind that any profile should also have sub headers. The sub header usually consists of job titles and education. For each job title or level of education, you will provide a description with the key words you have chosen from the tools provided above. This will give you the advantage of having your profile found on Google since Google uses headers on the description.

Finally, the longer you make your content, the more relevant your profile will be on google searches. Therefore, it is important to use the previously mentioned important key words to enhance your CV.


Different job boards function differently, but most of their algorithms rely on finding the exact match that recruiters may be searching for by showing accurate matches for the keywords that appear in the description.

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