Second Interview Questions and Answers

You’ve made it through your first interview, and you have been invited to a second-round interview. What will you be asked during a second interview? Some of the interview questions may be the same as the questions you were asked […]

How to write Your CV- Get your CV to the top of search results in Google and Job boards

CV is very important for us especially it is the first thing employer and HR department will see and depend on that they will decide whether to have first interview or not. I will say that in any CV there […]

Interview Tips And Interview Questions

Getting interview is not that easy perhaps from many submitted application you might get one or two interviews. So, what we should do when we have an interview. It is very important to perform research about the company and have […]

Tier2 Visa – UK Work Permit Visa

Tier 2 (General) visa is a work permit that allows skilled worker to come and work in UK in case they got a job offer from a Tier2 visa sponsor company.   1- What we mean by Tier2 sponsor company? […]

4 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career Growth

When you think about career growth, have you ever noticed a coworker who doesn’t work as hard as you, who is not quite as intelligent as you, but she keeps getting promoted—and you don’t? These promotions happen while you sit […]

10 Habits of Successful Project Managers

Why do some project managers always seem to bring their projects in on time, on budget and with satisfied customers and others? Becoming an effective project manager is difficult. Yes, there are courses on project management and companies that provide […]

10 Best Job Search Websites

One of the most common ways today’s job seekers uncover employment opportunities is by using online sources. There are hundreds of job boards, both generic and niche, as well as aggregators, social media channels, networking groups and staffing company websites […]

Job Search Apps to Help You Land Your Next job

Searching for a job can be time-consuming and exhausting. You don’t want to work just anywhere; you want a company that will support your dreams as much as you support theirs, sharing both values and goals. Finding the right match […]

Guide to effective job hunting

For most of us, job searching is never easy, However, if you approach it systematically, the process will be significantly more manageable, and you will have much more success in getting the offer you deserve. Follow these steps for a […]

5 Ways to Succeed in Any Job

Do you measure job success by how well you master skills, how much money you make, or the contribution you make either in your company or in society? Regardless of how you want to succeed, you have the power to […]